Connecting to the Divine

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Most people don't realize the world that exists within. They spend their days earning a living and trying to find satisfaction from mundane things. However pleasurable these activities can be, most of the happiness given by them is fleeting. True serenity comes from connecting to one's true self, their divine image.

Humanity was created with an inner image, reflective of the infinite source of creation. This inner image or divine image is the real source of a person. It is who they are. In esoteric language it is their soul root.

The more one gets in touch with their soul root, the more complete they will feel. Most frustration and confusion in life comes from being out of sync with one's inner image. This disconnection manifests itself in the physical world around us. Lack of prosperity, marital disharmony, social degradation, global distress are all reflective of humanity's fundamental disconnection with its inner, supernal source; it's divine image.

Peace within, at home, and in the world is attainable, but begins by looking in and discovering what has always been there.

Interesting Thought

Your soul is like a candle. Always flickering upwards seeking to be close home.